Below you will find a selection of links to various sites that over time we have found useful – we hope you do to. Click on the names to open a new window to the sites.
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Magister Militum Run by Richard and Zoe, who taught us everything we know about metal casting!:) Great for 10mm and 15mm figures and 28mm ancients.

KR (KaiserRushforth)Sell a wonderful range of cases and foam trays to suit all budgets.

Minigerm Homesite of Jeremy AKA ‘Germy’ Jeremy is a sculptor who has done some straight line work for us highly recommended!

Space Vixens from Mars A space ship game that is currently having a set of models developed for it. Well worth a look.

The Miniatures Page (TMP) A great discussion site on all types of Wargames

Lead Adventurer Another discussion site for all things pulp! A friendly place.

Matakishi’s Tea House Great reviews and some interesting new ideas! A nice guy!