About Us

Black Cat Bases provide a rapidly growing range of  metal gothic horror figures, metal pirate miniature, metal base inserts and metal accessories and oddities! We also make a range of resin  bases in round and square in a variety of sizes and large and small resin scenery. All items are supplied unpainted, the painted examples are simply to give an idea of what things could look like and to show up the details of the pieces. Miniatures without integral bases are supplied with a round base in pack sizes up to 10, larger pack sizes, base inserts and miniatures with integral bases are not supplied with plastic bases, however these can be purchased from us cheaply if required. This allows us to produce these products at a cheaper cost.

We have a licence to produce Moonfleet Miniatures range of Figures owned by Rees Winter. There are lots of figures in this range that have never been seen now that we have the new site these will be rapidly appearing.

We have the licence to produce Little Green Man range of scenery owned by Doug Harrold. Currently a lot of the large items in this range are out of production as the moulds are old and need replacing, we will gradually replace them over time, if there is something specific you are looking for then please do let us know.

We have recently acquired vac forming facilities and so very soon our own vac formed scenery will be online!

We welcome ideas and suggestions for things to add to the range and can make custom pieces and / or moulds for resin and metal, contact us for a quote.