Welcome to Black Cat Bases!

Delays due to illness.

Sorry but currently, due to illness we have a delay, we will send all orders as soon as possible, sincere apologies!

Stay safe, stay as mentally healthy as you can… need a chat and have no one then email me! Jox

Corvid 19 update:

We have looked carefully at government advice during this time. Currently the situation is no unnecessary travel for work and that online trade is encouraged to continue and the postal service will operate as usual. We will therefore remain open for as long as we can and have the raw materials to do so. The only thing we need to leave home for is to post parcels. I will do this once a week when I shop for us and our vulnerable neighbours and friends, to minimise trips. Your order will be updated once dispatched, please be patient. If and when we consider this to put ourselves or others at risk we will transfer to courier only postage and the cost of this will be reflected on our website, we hope to avoid this, we are lucky enough to have appropriate PPE to deal with resin and I am wearing this on all trips outside the house.

During this time we will be putting a little gift of a topical nature in all parcels, not to encourage more trade, simple to try and make people smile. šŸ˜ƒ If you wish to do anything about this please pay it forward, not back to us! Drop a box of sweets on the doorstep of an NHS worker, if you know one, to take to work… ring an elderly neighbour and say Hi or put a little treat on their doorstep.

If at any point we do have to close because of government guidance and we cannot dispatch your order then you will be offered a choice between waiting or a full refund.

At this time most importantly, stay safe and look after one another.

We are very pleased to eventually release our large pirate ship, first seen in “The Legends of the high Seas” book it has never been released on the site. We have variousĀ packs available both with and without crew if you require a larger pack with more crew then please do let us know.

Large pirate ship

When we had the new site we were not able to transfer the customer data base across to this site so you will need to register again, or you can checkout without registering if you prefer, payment is through PayPal. However we like people to register so from now on we will be sending some figures from each new release we make to a registered customer completely free of charge.

If you were subscribed to the newsletter you will remain subscribed unless you choose to unsubscribe.

We are still linking items into multiple categories and we will have some new releases very soon. Any questions please do just ask.

Moonfleet Miniatures ranges owned by Rees are now back online and available to purchase, we will be getting the rest of their miniatures on as soon as we can.

The Little Green Man range owned by Doug will, in part, be re-released as the moulds are remade but this will take sometime. Some of the smaller items from this range are now available again.

We hope you enjoy your visit.